Eating good food before #superstormsandy #dimsum #Chinese

Eating good food before #superstormsandy #dimsum #Chinese

Grandma’s apartment

The view from my grandma’s apartment in Kowloon:

But her vision is going, so the view for her might look something like this instead:

Bokeh is beautiful.

I have a sad, but funny story about my grandma. I will try to write it soon.

Don’t read! You’re supposed to be resting or watching the other students take their road tests! Tsk, you’re such a little girl. If you want to be smart, do it later.

Driving Instructor. He said this in Chinese.

mei you dian

没有电 méi yǒu diàn

Yesterday the electricity went out. No electricity from 12 until late 9ish pm. It didn’t affect us too much though cause we went to a downtown coffeehouse to do some work.

When we got back to the apartment at 7ish pm, we expected the electricity to be back on. But it was not. This meant I had to finish washing dishes, my chore for the week, in the dark.

It wasn’t fun, but it wasn’t horrible either. Moments like this make me appreciate a few things I wouldn’t think twice about in the states.

< 3 weeks left. It’s going by so quick.