Forever and always, I carry you with me.

Forever and always, I carry you with me.

  • Interviewer:

    You spent months of alone time with God. What personal issues were you working through?

  • Owyoung:

    Questions of, "Am I lovable?" and "Am I chosen by God?" Not "chosen" in the religious sense of being called by God, but rather in the sense of questioning whether I was a child of God, that I was loved by God. I had been talking about his love for a long time, but I'd never been challenged in a way that forced me to ask myself, "Wow, do I actually believe what I'm talking about?" Because there I was, half a person and broken to the core, wondering if God truly loves me--if he truly cares and if he's truly there for me.


Today is a special day for me, because it is my birthday. There really is no justified reason to celebrate a birthday. I did no work to be born. But I’m gonna take every “happy birthday!” and the possibly terrible birthday cake and relish it all. It means I’m getting another year of life. And while birthdays are common and happen everyday, I don’t think it’s appreciated enough. So happy birthday to me and cheers to a life-giving God.

Remember you are dust and to dust you will return

A Father for Ash Wednesday